Regional Trail, Park and Drainage Design

Aurora, Colorado

Stream teamed with project engineers to develop a design for a paramount flood reduction and urban design project at the Municipal Center and City Center Park in Aurora, Colorado. The project addresses flood capacity and important drainage requirements at Aurora’s Municipal Center. The design provides drainage, flood conveyance, regional trail, park, and open space design for a new mixed-use development adjacent to a new RTD light rail station and City Center. In addition to park amenity, trails, and drainage way design, Stream provided circulation planning and an option analysis process which allowed the City to choose an alternative that increased developable land, open space and recreation amenity, and provided the most cost effective solution for drainage and flood conveyance. While coordinating with Aurora Water and the City’s Parks and Recreation staff to develop mutually agreeable solutions Stream also provided designs for an enhanced multimodal trail system that creates a greenway spine connecting the RTD light rail station to the Highline Canal, City Center Park, and the Aurora Municipal Center. With a goal of maximizing recreational potential and pedestrian amenities with the project, our design includes renovation of the core area in City Center Park in addition to a 136-foot arched pedestrian underpass.