Berkeley Lake Shoreline and Trail Improvements

Denver, Colorado

Berkeley Lake Park is a historic community park in northwest Denver, Colorado, oriented around Berkeley Lake, a 45-acre lake that offers boating, fishing, and passive recreation. The park was severely impacted in the 1960s when Interstate 70 was routed along what used to be a small park road between the park and the adjacent Willis Case Golf Course to the north. The highway construction transformed the northern half of the lake edge from a bucolic park setting to an urban wasteland, leaving a barren 30 foot wide strip of gravel and asphalt trail between the highway and the lake, and severely compromising the user experience for much of the park due to the noise and heavy traffic. The project redeveloped the lake’s edge, providing a buffer between the highway and the lake by introducing a sound wall, an earthen berm and dense landscape plantings to block noise, attenuate visual impacts, and provide significant new habitat and recreational amenities including a new perimeter trail, ADA fishing access, fish habitat, and picnic areas. A key component of the project collects storm water runoff from the interstate that previously flowed untreated directly into the lake, and runs it through treatment wetlands that also serve to provide wetland mitigation for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 404 permit requirements. The habitat improvements also include fish cover and spawning areas, wetlands, and upland native habitat along the screening berm.

A Stream principal served as Project Manager and Lead Designer while with URS Corporation.