Waldorf School Early Childhood Playground and Natural Outdoor Classroom

Stream worked with Denver Waldorf School staff to interpret the school’s mission and unique, non-traditional ideas about play into a beautifully functioning, educational and fun outdoor playscape for the Waldorf community. Designed for the school’s younger students, the playground fosters nature experiences in a variety of environments that express characteristics of Colorado and natural processes. Natural materials and sustainable construction methods were chosen to highlight the school’s values and to maximize function and playability while minimizing maintenance and operational requirements. The playground features a natural creek drainage feature, custom play structure and several natural adventure areas for the children to enjoy year round. Existing trees, vegetation and garden areas are integrated into the play areas and complement gathering spaces, providing a variety of learning and play experiences that support the Waldorf School’s educational philosophy and curriculum. The design balances active and passive programs, guided and free play, and enables cause and effect learning while providing a connection from indoors to outdoors using sustainable practices and technology.