Trailhead, Parking Area and Open Space Design

Jefferson County, Colorado

Stream principal Paul Thomas, while with another firm, served as overall project manager for an on-call contract with Jefferson County Open Space to provide multi-disciplinary design and construction observation services for trail and open space park facilities. Projects included the design of new park trailheads, roads, parking lots, trails, boardwalks, drainage improvements, picnic shelters, restrooms, picnic areas, stormwater quality treatment facilities, stream restoration, erosion control repair, and revegetation plans for forest fire burn areas. Projects under this contract included:

South Valley Park: A newly acquired open space parcel, this park needed a new parking lot, picnic areas and shelters, a restroom, trails, as well as some slope stabilization for use-related erosion.

Pine Valley Ranch: Nearby fire damage and uncontrolled use called for a revegetation plan, erosion control measures, new park road facilities, trails, and water quality treatment facilities.

Windy Saddle Trailhead: This popular trailhead on Lookout Mountain required a new parking lot and trailhead to alleviate insufficient and dangerous parking conditions. Tall retaining walls with aesthetically pleasing refinements were developed as part of the plan.

Flying J Ranch: For this newly acquired open space parcel the design team provided design services for a new access road, parking lot, restroom, picnic shelter, trails and a boardwalk.

White Ranch Park: Work included parking lot expansion, and remediation of serious erosion problems.