Renovated Regional Park

Adams County, Colorado

Stream evaluated the park’s access, parking, and drainage challenges from a broad perspective that sought to solve the inadequate infrastructure problems and greatly improve the quality of park visitor’s experiences with improvements that provide multiple benefits to visitors. While the previous master plan sought to make minor improvements to the existing access and parking layout with inadequate capacity for water quality and detention, Stream proposed strategic reorganization of the parking configuration and recreation areas, creating a linear lot that distributes parking and access along the previously underused western edge. The new “parking promenade” greatly improves circulation options, provides access to a much greater portion of the park, and helps to resolve very challenging drainage issues by using the parking lot paving and landscape areas to convey drainage away from flat areas.

Stream’s design also includes new picnic areas and shelters, ADA compliant trails, renovation of the playground, new stormwater detention and water quality facilities, a custom designed human sundial, and site lighting. In all, the new park features will complement the park’s picturesque qualities with superior access, improved drainage and water quality treatment, convenient parking, safe and enhanced play areas, and a maintainable and beautiful landscape.