Regional Trail Design and Creek Channel Improvements

Westminster, Colorado

Stream co-led multi-disciplinary efforts for the City of Westminster and the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District to design and implement regional trail, channel stabilization, and drainage improvements along the Tanglewood Creek and in the 31-acre Tanglewood Creek Open Space in Westminster. The improvements included a regional bike/pedestrian trail, a sculpted concrete drop structure designed to emulate local natural rock formations, wetlands, and native vegetation areas that enhance habitat, treat water quality, and mitigate impacts from prior erosion.

Stream worked closely with civil engineers and ecologists to design 100-year flood rated drainage improvements that are integrated with plantings that are adapted to variable dry land and riparian environments and that enhance the corridor’s plant diversity and wildlife habitat. In addition to resolving erosion, water quality, and stability issues, the new design capitalizes on opportunities afforded by a beautiful natural creek amenity in a prominent open space area of the Westminster community. Stream was responsible for conceptual channel layout and grading, drop structure aesthetic design, planting design, graphics, and construction documents.