Pond, Channel and Park Improvements

Greenwood Village, Colorado

Stream was retained by the City of Greenwood Village to develop design solutions that address erosion and maintenance issues for a pond and drainage network in Carson Park, a well-used and popular park adjacent to the City Hall Building in Greenwood Village. Nestled into the rolling terrain of the park, the pond is an important focal point and a popular destination for nearby office workers, City Hall visitors, and local residents and their children. While the pond and its surrounding landscape appear quite bucolic and tranquil, in actuality it is part of a dynamic drainage network that frequently floods, causing significant erosion to both the pond and the tributary drainage channel. The challenge of the project was to develop a practical plan that addressed erosion issues without negatively impacting the aesthetics and experiential qualities of the park.

Acknowledging the high visibility and aesthetic importance of the pond and its surroundings, Stream developed a restoration plan with a variety of edge stabilization treatment details that create variety and diversity in the landscape. These include stacked stone pond edging, large “destination” stone slabs, and reinforced wetland edges vegetated by low growing wetland plant material. The project also includes details for new outfalls for large drainage culverts which daylight on the slope above the pond, and which have been designed with rustic sandstone headwalls and wingwalls to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. The small drainage channel between the outfalls and the pond has become an attractive park amenity, meandering between boulder “outcroppings” and clusters of riparian shrubs. Grade control for the channel has been achieved with the use of three small boulder drop structures, which also serve as simple stepping stone crossings across the channel.