Lowry East Open Space and Dog Park

Making Space for Water, Dogs, and People on a Former Military Base

Location: Denver, CO

As part of the design for the 25-acre Lowry East Open Space Park in east Denver, Stream principals seized the opportunity to “daylight” (or liberate from a culvert) Westerly Creek, which had been severely modified during the site’s previous history as an Air Force Base. The open space design was oriented around a new sinuous bioengineered channel channel for the creek, with native riparian and wetland vegetation, native prairie areas, a walking path network, and a dog park. The open space park has transformed the surrounding area, and is a primary amenity for surrounding new residential development. It is a favorite haunt for walkers & joggers, and for wildlife viewing and nature exploration. The open space’s 5-acre dog park (Denver’s largest) is nestled a short walk into the site, and features three separate fenced areas for active dogs, smaller/older dogs, and for dog agility trainings.