Landscape Architecture & Planning for Waterways, Parks & Open Spaces

We design meaningful places where the landscape, water, and people converge.

Technically challenging projects are our specialty but our design philosophy is simple: solutions should perform at a high-level, fulfill multiple functions, and contribute to positive experiences.


People and their experiences are at the center of all our work. With decades of practice, we have learned that engaging our clients, stakeholders, and the community in meaningful dialogue brings diverse perspectives to the table. With each project we use a variety of tools to gather critical input for developing exciting, equitable, maintainable, durable, and unique design solutions.


Creative and innovative design solutions are not implicitly complicated or expensive. Our process looks for opportunities to create multi-functional solutions that enhance the urban context, work with nature, and complement a vision.


Not everyone understands technical jargon and engineering principles, but we “speak engineer”. We can help translate detailed criteria and performance calculations into beautiful and enjoyable places that do the work.



  • Stormwater|
  • Waterways|
  • Lakes & Ponds|
  • Natural Systems|


  • Recreational Amenities|
  • Gathering Areas|
  • Play Areas |
  • Athletic Fields|

Trails & Open Spaces

  • Multi-Use Trails|
  • Greenways|
  • Natural Areas|
  • Reclamation & Restoration for Trails & Open Spaces|

Urban Infrastructure

  • Green Infrastructure|
  • Civic Areas|
  • Transportation & Streetscape|