RiNo Stormwater Outfall

Re-visioning stormwater amenities in the River North neighborhood of Denver, CO

Location: Denver, CO

The River North (RiNo) outfall is a large storm sewer outfall for an 11’ x 8’ concrete box, which is sized to drain an approximately 2,000 acre watershed during a 5-year flood event. The outfall is located along the South Platte Greenway Trail in the heart of one of Denver’s RiNo Art District. The neighborhood includes a dense concentration of art galleries, design offices, and other creative spaces.

In collaboration with civil engineers, City staff, and the Mile High Flood District (MHFD), Stream led the process to develop design alternatives for the outfall that enhance the South Platte River Corridor, provide an aesthetically pleasing approach to stormwater conveyance, and fit the values and visions of the Art District by improving visibility of and access to the South Platte.