Peaks to Plains / Clear Creek Canyon Trail

Trail Design

Location: Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties, CO

Stream, as part of a multi-disciplinary team, was selected by Jefferson and Clear Creek Counties to design and construct the first segment of the Peak to Plains trail in Clear Creek Canyon. This six-mile multi-use trail travels through rugged canyon terrain and required extensive retaining walls, bridges, and underpasses. Stream provided trail layout, revegetation design (including habitat mitigation for the endangered Preble’s mouse), aesthetic design, permitting support, and visual simulations of the proposed improvements. 

Project challenges include the narrow and steep canyon terrain, a river with variable flow and flood depth, a busy state highway (US 6) adjacent to the river, the presence of endangered species, and geological hazards. The completed trail offers unmatched recreational opportunities to cyclists, runners, hikers, river runners, anglers, climbers and others in a spectacular landscape.