38th and Holly Stormwater Detention Pond

Restoring a detention pond and creating a community amenity in northeast Denver, Colorado

Location: Denver, Colorado

Stream led landscape architectural design for the renovation of an eight-acre flood and water quality detention pond in northeast Denver. The pond is a combination detention facility and open space area, so it was important to the City that the pond not only serve its stormwater quality and detention functions, but also be aesthetically pleasing, provide wildlife habitat, and be welcoming to residents.

Prior to design team’s redesign, the facility experienced severe erosion from stormwater entering the detention pond. Stream developed a concept for the drop structure (a resilient “water fall” feature designed to safely allow surface flows to enter the detention pond) that is now the central focus of the park, with an integrated walking path, seating areas, and native landscaping that allows neighbors to gather, hang out, and enjoy sunsets and mountain views. The design also includes a landscaped trail network, a sediment forebay, and a low flow, soft-bottomed channel lined with native riparian vegetation, including cottonwood trees.