Regional Sports Complex

Aurora, Colorado

Aurora’s 225-acre park is the largest public sports facility in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region. The park has 23 full-sized soccer fields and 12 softball fields, and is home to dozens of sports tournaments and events each year. Sports facilities are clustered and connected by an open space network that includes trails, picnic areas, and native grass areas. Over 2700 parking spaces are dispersed throughout the site to allow users to park near their field. Stormwater from parking lots and other impervious surfaces is managed by a drainage system that is designed to provide maximum infiltration and water quality treatment through the use of treatment wetlands, grass swales, and level spreaders which spread drainage flows out to irrigate native areas.

Maintenance operations were a large consideration in the design of the fields. The soccer fields are organized into six field pods, which not only allow efficient mowing and irrigation, but also allow fields to be periodically rotated to allow high use areas (such as goal areas) to regenerate while still accommodating use. Site structures were conceived as iconic elements which could be combined in different configurations to accommodate the particular needs of each pod area. A large steel shade canopy unifies the smaller restroom and concession building pods, creating a larger, more horizontal building unit that fits the expansiveness of the surrounding prairie landscape.

A Stream Principal was project manager and lead designer while with Wenk Associates.