Site and Stormwater Design for 50-Unit Multi-Family Housing Complex

Denver, Colorado

Habitat for Humanity is an exceptional organization that strives to inspire both independence and community among its clients. In a new four-acre townhouse development that the organization undertook in the Montbello neighborhood in Denver, Stream worked with project architects and engineers to achieve both of these goals through creative site design that created distinct private and public spaces for this new community. The project also focused on integrating sustainable site practices that promote healthy living and environmental education principles. The project includes creative stormwater management, “pocket parks”, walking loops, nature-play spots, over one hundred new trees, multi-functional gathering areas, and a comprehensive pedestrian network. The team engaged community members, Habitat For Humanity staff, and community volunteers in interactive workshops to assure that the plan met organizational standards for maintenance, constructability, and low HOA costs. Stream integrated input from this process into the landscape design, working to develop a site plan which accommodates the operational, social, and environmental needs of the neighborhood. The primary features of the site development are organized by a central drainage channel that flows through native grass areas, thus integrating stormwater management into the landscape and reducing irrigation requirements significantly. Boulder outcrops placed throughout the drainage and landscape areas provide natural adventure opportunities for children and add visual interest to the landscape, and grass areas provide flexible shared outdoor spaces where residents can recreate and socialize.