Regional Sports Complex with Synthetic and Bluegrass Turf Athletic Fields, Ball Courts, and Neighborhood Playground

Denver, Colorado

The 80-acre sports park, the largest sports facility in Denver, is a constant hub of activity, providing a wide range of activities for neighbors and city-wide visitors alike–from regulation league athletics to children’s playgrounds and picnicking areas, and is also a favorite for dog walkers and joggers. Thanks to the lighted artificial turf sports fields, tennis courts, and basketball facilities, the park is active all day long and well into the evening.

The park is accessed by a central access road and linear parking lot dubbed the “Sports Boulevard,” which provides convenient access and parking adjacent to each sports facility. A wide multi-use recreational path, flanking the Sports Boulevard and lined with benches, accommodates a constant pedestrian flow along with joggers, boarders, and cyclists, giving a fun urban sports vibe to this unique park.

The park boasts seven natural and artificial turf fields, the Jackie Robinson Baseball complex (three fields), two basketball courts, and four tennis courts. The two lighted artificial turf regulation soccer fields and five natural grass fields are designed to be flexible in their use–accommodating football and lacrosse as well. Shelters, plumbed restrooms, and a neighborhood playground complement the complex giving families a great place to enjoy a picnic or an evening playing games outside.

Stream principals were involved in leading the management and design while with Wenk Associates.