Diagonal Area Pedestrian and Vehicular Improvements

Denver, Colorado

Washington Park is one of Denver’s most loved and used parks, popular for its open meadows, scenic lakes, and extensive trails. As a result of its popularity, concentrated use has caused some areas to overcrowd and fall into disrepair. Stream was selected to focus on planning and designing a renovation for a major central area of the park that is defined by a diagonal access road that serves as a main park access. The area is heavily used for picnicking, as a run/race event staging area, for volleyball, basketball and tennis, and is one of the city’s most popular wedding and event venues due to its proximity to the Mt. Vernon Gardens. The project has transformed a well-worn and poorly organized area of the park into an efficient, and attractive activity node. This was accomplished by completely re-organizing circulation facilities to increase parking, bike trails and pedestrian trails, and by providing a complete expansive renovation of the picnic areas and historic features. Some of the design challenges included the preservation of the site’s historic character and protection of numerous mature trees. A main objective of the project was to provide much-needed additional parking and ADA accessibility throughout the area. The project also provides the framework and infrastructure necessary for future improvements identified in the planning process, including a future regional scale playground, additional sports courts, and new restrooms.